4 April 2024

Klara Leffler, postdoc

Newly employed

Klara Leffler began as a postdoc at the Data Science Lab and the Statistics and Probability Theory section on the 1st of April 2024.

Klara Leffler

Klara comes from the Swedish northern city of Umeå, where she did both her studies and PhD. Her PhD thesis, titled “The PET Sampling Puzzle: Intelligent data sampling methods for positron emission tomography”, focused on computational data enhancement methods in biomedical imaging, including denoising and inpainting.

Her research interests include sparsity exploitation and data enhancement within high-dimensional data, and interpretable learning.

Klara will be working with Helle Sørensen and Bo Markussen in the FindingPheno project, using causality analysis to create a computational framework for multi-omics data. 

FindingPheno is a European, interdisciplinary project with close collaborations between eight academic, research, and industrial partners across five countries. The combined scientific expertise includes statistics and machine learning, ecology and evolutionary genetics, industrial food production systems, and development of world class genomics software. The goal is to find drivers of phenotype in food production systems to unlock the full potential of microbiome interventions for health and sustainability.

Klare will work remote from Umeå in the spring 2024. From August, you can meet her in office 04.3.01.