26 February 2021

Jonas Raunsø Håkånsen, research assistant

Newly employed

In the next few months, Jonas Raunsø Håkånsen will be associated with the department as a research assistant. With Torben Krüger as supervisor, he will be working with the QA section and the QMATH center.

Jonas Raunsø HåkånsenJonas just completed his master’s degree in statistic here at the department. He wrote his thesis under the supervision of Torben Krüger within the research field of Random Matrix Theory (RMT).

The thesis bears the title “Local law for random gram matrices with variance profile and deformation”. It investigates the behavior of the eigenvalues for large random gram matrices with a non-centered component. In the asymptotic limit, the stieltjes transform of the empirical spectral measure is identified with the solution to a deterministic equation on the upper half of the complex plane.

Under guidance from Torben Krüger, Jonas now joins the research group in random matrix theory - which is part of the QA Section and the QMATH Centre. The aim is to further investigate a problem similar to that in his thesis with a connection to communication theory - in particular the capacity of MIMO channels.

Jonas will work from his home office in Odense.