2 March 2021

Johannes Jakob Meyer, visiting PhD student


Johannes Meyer, a PhD student from Freie Universität Berlin, will be visiting the QMATH Centre for six months.

Johannes Jakob Meyer

Johannes completed his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in physics at the TU Berlin and is currently pursuing a PhD with Prof. Jens Eisert at the Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems of the Freie Universität Berlin.

Johannes is particularly interested in applying mathematical techniques to problems arising in the treatment of noisy near-term quantum devices. His interest range from quantum machine learning over quantum metrology to quantum-classical optimization for near-term quantum algorithms.

Besides this, Johannes is passionate about open science and open source and supports the efforts of Quantum Journal and various open-source projects, like the quantum machine learning library PennyLane.

At the QMATH Centre Johannes will work with the quantum information theory subgroup where Laura Mančinska and Albert Werner will be his supervisors. In a project with Daniel Stilck-Franca, he explores the effect of noise on monotonic metrics, a cornerstone of quantum information geometry. The results will help to elucidate and quantify the detrimental effects of noise in areas such as quantum metrology and quantum thermodynamics.

“Even with the Corona pandemic still holding a firm grip on the university, the atmosphere here is unique”, says Johannes. “Theoretical scientists can cope with the different working conditions more easily, as all the necessary meetings can be conducted online”.

When employees are allowed back at campus, you can find Johannes in office 04.2.11