11 June 2020

Johanna Kristina Steinmeyer, PhD student

Newly employed

Johanna Kristina Steinmeyer started in February 2020 as a PhD student, associated with the Algebra & Geometry section.

Johanna Kristina SteinmeyerJohanna is a double graduate from The Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Here in Copenhagen she is working with the Centre for Geometry and Topology; her supervisor is Karim Adiprasito.

“I am interested in combinatorics, especially whenever it hints at an underlying structure coming from another area of mathematics. This often manifests as problems stated in terms of simplicial complexes or lattice polytopes, and techniques adapted from algebraic geometry and algebraic topology”, says Johanna.

When we're all back at Campus, you can find Johanna in office 04.0.14.