1 October 2020

Jacob Fronk, PhD student

Newly employed

Jacob Fronk started 1. August 2020 in the section for Analysis & Quantum, as PhD student with Torben Krüger as supervisor.

Jacob FronkJacob studied physics and mathematics at Heidelberg University, Germany. In his master's thesis, he worked on localised pair formation in repulsive bosonic Hubbard models.

- Understanding the mathematical foundations of physical systems has always fascinated me and I am looking forward to contributing to this understanding at the QMATH Centre, says Jacob.

- My PhD project will focus on random matrix theory. As the dimension of a random matrix tends to infinity, its empirical spectral distribution converges to a deterministic limit. For specific non-hermitian matrix models, I will investigate this convergence on mesoscopic spectral scales.

For the first two months of his project, Jacob has been working from Heidelberg. He can soon be found in office 04.0.04