9 January 2024

Harold Adriaan Nieuwboer, postdoc

Newly employed

Harold Adriaan Nieuwboer started on 1 January 2024 as a postdoc in the Analysis & Quantum Section, associated with the Quantum for Life Centre.

Harold Adriaan Nieuwboer

Harold is currently working with Matthias Christandl and Laura Mancinska from the Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory. He is broadly interested in connections between symmetries, optimization and complexity, with applications to the theory of tensors and quantum information.

Harold expects to receive his PhD from the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in January 2024, supervised by Michael Walter and Eric Opdam.

His thesis, titled "Classical and quantum algorithms for scaling problems", develops new algorithms for scaling problems, a class of computational problems arising naturally in diverse areas of mathematics, physics and theoretical computer science. These problems may be recast as convex optimization problems on manifolds, for which developing algorithms presents new interesting challenges.

Before his PhD, Harold studied pure mathematics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands ) and the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom).

His office is located at the QMath group at Vibenshuset.