14 September 2021

Floriane Cornué, Research Assistant


Floriane Cornué will be working as an intern for 3.5 months with Professor Susanne Ditlevsen and the Statistic and Probability section.

Floriane Cornué

Floriane's internship will be in partnership with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources with the subject “Quantification of behavioural response in narwhals”.

Floriane is a Master Degree student in a French Grande Ecole, Agrocampus Ouest (Rennes), which teaches agronomy, biology, ecology as well as statistics. A formation offers us an overview and great knowledge in life science.

”My carrier project is in progress, but I’d like to specialize in Data Science in my last year, to applies statistics to life science. This internship will take place in my internship year, before my last year of Engineering School”, says Floriane.

She previously made a five months research internship in Agen (France), where she was studying the effect of the landscape context, of the surrounding environment and of the cultivation practices on the maintenance and the spontaneous entry of auxiliary insects and pests in the strawberry greenhouses.

You can meet Floriane in office 04.3.25