3 September 2023

Elias Theil, PhD student

Newly employed

Elias Theil was employed on 1 September 2023 as a PhD student in the department’s Analysis & Quantum section affiliated with the QMATH Centre.

Elias Theil

Elias comes from Vienna, Austria, where he obtained a master’s degree in both physics and mathematics at the Technical University of Vienna. He chose to go for the second master's in mathematics after the physics courses sparked his fascination with the subject.

For his physics thesis, he developed an algorithm to combine precipitation kinetics with microstructure evolution during aluminium forming simulations. This project was done under the supervision of Karsten Held and in cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Technology.

In mathematics, he investigated the classification of normal operators on separable Hilbert spaces according to their spectral multiplicity with Harald Woracek as the supervisor.

After spending most of his life in his home country, Elias decided to switch scenery and join the University of Copenhagen to work on a PhD in quantum computing. His supervisor will be Laura Mančinska, and his project will revolve around mitigating noisy quantum data. To this end, he will expand upon work to find an optimal noise mitigation algorithm and investigate the feasibility of implementation on an actual quantum computer.

You can meet Elias in Vibenshuset, Lyngbyvej 1.