2 August 2022

Dylan Harley, PhD student

Newly employed

On 1 August 2022 Dylan Harley started an integrated PhD programme with the Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum for Life Center, which will run until July 2026.

Dylan Harley

Dylan's research interests lie in quantum information theory and applications of quantum computation. In his PhD project, he will study the mathematics underpinning simulation of physical systems on quantum computers, aiming to assess the computational power of so-called analogue quantum simulators.

Professor Matthias Christandl supervises Dylan’s project.

Dylan has a Bachelor’s degree and a 1-year Master’s degree in mathematics from Cambridge University. His essay project discussed optimal mappings between fermionic systems and systems of qubits.

You can find Dylan at Vibenshuset (Lyngbyvej 2), office V01-4-14.