10 October 2022

Desirée Gijón Gómez, PhD student

Newly employed

Desirée is employed as a PhD student from 1 October 2022 in the Algebra and Geometry Section, under the supervision of Fabien Pazuki.

Desirée Gijón Gómez

Desirée is from Spain, she got her Bachelor's degree from the University of Málaga and her Master's degree from the University of Copenhagen.

She had and still keeps, some various interests before specializing in number theory, including differential geometry and algebraic topology. She wrote her Master's thesis on arithmetic holonomicity and its applications to the unbounded denominators conjecture for modular forms, supervised by Lars Kühne.

Desirée keeps studying modular forms in an early stage of her PhD studies, more specifically the transcendence and algebraic properties of their values.

You can find Desirée in office 04.0. 07.