2 February 2022

Dani Kaufman, postdoc

Newly employed

Dani Kaufman was employed 1 February 2022 at the Algebra and Geometry section and the Center for Geometry and Topology. She will be working with Søren Galatius and Nathalie Wahl.

Dani Kaufman

Dani has her master’s and PhD from the University of Maryland, USA. She completed her PhD in spring 2021 with the thesis “Mutation invariant functions on cluster ensembles associated with surfaces”, supervised by Christian K Zickert.

Before coming to Copenhagen, she spent the last six months in a postdoc position at Heidelberg University, Germany.

Dani says about her research: “I work on Cluster Algebras and their applications to higher Teichmüller theory, polylogarithm relations and scattering amplitudes. I am currently working on applying cluster algebras to a generalization of total positivity in Lie groups called “theta positivity”. I am also working on understanding the symmetry groups of infinite cluster algebras, and I hope to apply these results to aid in the computations of higher weight polylogarithm relations and scattering amplitudes in N=4 Super Yang-Mills theory”.

You can find Dani in office 04.0.09