30 August 2023

Christoffer Kinttof Øhlenschlæger, PhD student

Newly employed

Christoffer Kinttof Øhlenschlæger is employed as a PhD student at the department from September 2023. He will be working in the section for Insurance and Economics.

Christoffer Kinttof Øhlenschlæger

The area of research in Christoffer’s PhD is statistical modelling of extreme events with missing and censored data. Martin Bladt is his principal supervisor and Thomas Mikosch is his co-supervisor.

Christoffer is born and raised in Denmark, and both his bachelor’s and master’s in mathematics-economics are from the University of Copenhagen.

“As a student job, I have worked 1,5 years in a financial institution, which I did not thrive in. From this experience, I became more motivated and certain that I wanted to pursue a PhD”, says Christoffer.

“In my studies, I have had a range of interests, but all in connection to probability theory. I have not worked extensively with extreme value theory, but I always have had a general curiosity for it and especially its applications. So, I am really looking forward to broadening my understanding”.

You can meet Christoffer in office 04.3.20