4 October 2020

Christian Furrer, tenure track assistant professor

Newly employed

Starting 1 October 2020, Christian Furrer is employed as a tenure track assistant professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He joins the section for Insurance and Economics.

Christian Furrer

Earlier this year, Christian handed in his PhD thesis titled "Multi-state modelling in the mathematics of life insurance: meditations and applications" as a conclusion to a three year Industrial PhD collaboration between PFA Pension, where Christian has been employed as an Industrial PhD student, and the University of Copenhagen.

He will strive to continue his research work within multi-state life insurance mathematics on the interface between probability theory, financial mathematics, and classic insurance mathematics.

As a recent recipient of the GAUSS 2019 Prize, an international member of the Danish Society of Actuaries and a member of The German Society for Insurance and Financial Mathematics, Christian remains interested in insurance and pension practices and their interaction with actuarial education and research. He looks very much forward to help building bridges between theory and practice.

Christian is often the host of the "Chess Corner" at the department's Culture Night events, where he plays simultaneous chess - and wins - against a string of challengers. To the admiration of most and the remorse of some parents.

You will find Christian in office 04.3.07.

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