30 March 2023

Cecilie Olesen Recke, PhD student

Newly employed

Cecilie is employed as a PhD fellow from 1 April 2023 in the section for Statistics and Probability Theory and her supervisor will be Niels Richard Hansen.

Cecilie Olesen Recke

Cecilie is from Denmark and obtained both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mathematics from the University of Copenhagen.

She has had a broad interest in many different areas of mathematics. During the end of her studies, Cecilie started focusing on algebraic statistics, where you use tools from algebraic geometry to solve problems within statistics. This was also the topic of her Master's thesis supervised by Niels Richard Hansen titled "Identifiability in Latent Variable Models".  

This will also be the focus of Cecilie's PhD fellowship, where she will focus on identifiability in different statistical models parametrized by graphs.

 You can meet Cecilie in office 04.3.28.