29 September 2020

Andrea Bianchi, postdoc

Newly employed

Andrea Bianchi started on 1 October 2020 as a postdoc in the GeoTop Centre and the Algebra & Geometry Section. His mentor is Nathalie Wahl.

Andrea BianchiAndrea works in algebraic topology, his research deals with configuration spaces, braid groups and moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces.

Andrea completed his PhD at the University of Bonn, Germany, in April 2020 under the supervision of Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer. His thesis "Moduli spaces of branched coverings of the plane" introduces a new combinatorial model of the moduli space M_{g,n} of Riemann surfaces of genus g with n boundary components, based on Hurwitz spaces with monodromies in a symmetric group.

Andrea is also interested in homology computations, string topology, applications of Hurwitz spaces in algebraic geometry and moduli spaces of manifolds in a higher dimension.

Before coming to Copenhagen, Andrea was employed as a postdoc at the University of Bonn.

You can find Andrea in office 04.2.01