11 September 2019

Alexis Aumonier, 4+4 PhD student

Newly employed

Alexis Aumonier is employed as a 4+4 PhD student. It means, he will finish his Master’s degree here, and then work as a PhD student at the department.

Alexis Aumonier Alex is associated with the research group Topology and the Center for Symmetry and Deformation. His PhD advisor is Søren Galatius.

Alex is interested in algebraic topology and will try to investigate new aspects of moduli spaces of manifolds from the point of view of homotopy theory.

Before Copenhagen, he was at ENS in Lyon, France, where he completed his Bachelor's degree and the first year of Master's degree.

“I was in Copenhagen two years ago for a summer internship, so it's good to be back here”, says Alexis.

You can find him in office 04.4.03.