Alex Kemarsky, postdoc at GAMP – University of Copenhagen

31 January 2017

Alex Kemarsky, postdoc at GAMP

Newly employed

Alex Kemarsky is employed at the department as postdoc affiliated with the Section for Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics. His postdoc mentor will be Henrik Schlichtkrull.

Alex KemarskyAlex works in representation theory of p-adic and real groups. He is interested in number theory and would like to apply representation theory to obtain results in number theory.

Alex received his PhD at Technion (Haifa, Israel) under the direction of Omer Offen. He has worked five years in the Israel Defense Forces as algorithms developer and one year in a finance company, developing algorithms for trading.

Alex will be teaching assistant in the Lie Groups (GeomLie) course. He works in office 04.0.12.