14 August 2023

Adrien Morin, postdoc

Newly employed

Adrien Morin is 1 August 2023 employed as a postdoc in the Algebra & Geometry section, working with Fabien Pazuki.

Adrien Morin

Adrien went to the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Rennes (France), before going to the University of Bordeaux (France) to finish his M.S. degree.

He then went on to a PhD in Bordeaux under the supervision of Baptiste Morin. His PhD thesis, defended in June 2023, was "Weil-étale cohomology in dimension 1 and special values of L-functions at 0 and 1".

Adrien’s research interests lie in arithmetic geometry, specifically in the study of Weil-étale cohomology and its link to special values of L-functions. He is also interested in p-adic geometry, K-theory, and condensed mathematics.

You can find Adrien in office 04.2.01