26 October 2022

Adel Betina, postdoc

Newly employed

Adel Betina was employed as a postdoc at the department on 1 October 2022. He is working with the Algebra & Geometry Section with prof. Ian Kiming as postdoc mentor.

Adel Betina

Adel comes from Algeria and has an MSc from the University Of Science And Technology Houari Boumediene. He obtained his PhD at the University of Lille under the supervision of Professor Mladen Dimitrov in June 2016. Thesis title: On the p-adic Hilbert eigenvarieties at classical weight one points.

Since then, he has held postdoc positions in Barcelona, Sheffield, and Vienna.

Adel's main area of research is arithmetic geometry, in particular in:

  • Arithmetic aspects of Shimura varieties.
  • p-adic eigenvarieties and p-adic automorphic forms.
  • Mazur’s Galois deformation theory.
  • p-adic L-functions and Iwasawa theory.

You may find Adel in office 04.2.07.