15 July 2017

Adam Lund, postdoc at SPT

Newly employed

Adam Lund was employed at the department 1 June 2017. As a researcher in statistics Adam is part of the Section for Statistics and Probability Theory (SPT).

Adam received his PhD in Statistics from University of Copenhagen in May 2017 under the supervision of Niels Richard Hansen.

Adam has a special focus on computational statistics and statistical learning problems. He currently works on inference problems for spatio-temporal data that may be modeled using a type of stochastic differential equation for a random field. 

Adam participates in the research project "Causal inference with incomplete data", headed by Niels Richard Hansen (PI), Steffen Lauritzen (Co-PI) and Jonas Peters (Co-PI), funded by VILLUM FONDEN.

Adam works in office 04.3.01