24 November 2014

Nadim Rustom, postdoc

Newly employed

Nadim Rustom was employed as postdoc at the Department of Mathematical Sciences in October 2014. He is a member of the Algebra and Number Theory group and the Experimental Mathematics group.

Nadim Rustom

Nadim studied at the American University in Beirut where he obtained a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He did his masters in mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Iain Gordon. After that, he came to the University of Copenhagen where he did his PhD under the supervision of Ian Kiming.

Nadim’s research area is number theory. He focus mostly on algebraic and arithmetic questions connected to the theory of modular forms, mainly p-adic and mod p^m aspects, as well as to the algebraic geometry of curves such as modular curves and elliptic curves. He is interested both in theoretical investigations and experimental and computational approaches.

Nadim’s office is 04.2.09