26 November 2015

Alexandra Muñoz, guest postdoc at SYM


Alexandra arrived at MATH in November 2015. Her one year visit to the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation - for interdisciplinary work, bridging biology and pure mathematics - are supported by The Danish National Research Foundation and the National Science Foundation (USA). Her mentor is Søren Eilers.

Alexandra MuñozAlexandra holds a PhD in Molecular and Genetic Toxicology from New York University where she studied the etiology of cancer in the context of toxic exposures. She holds a Masters in Environmental Health from New York University for studying the effects of occupational nickel exposure on gene expression patterns in humans.

Prior to her masters work she studied plant physiology and ecophysiology at Columbia University and worked at the University of Michigan Biological Station.   

Alexandra Brooke Munoz

Alexandra received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University in the Study of Religion where she focused on descriptions of the ineffable.

With training primarily as a molecular biologist, Alexandra will be working to develop new descriptive measures for the intracellular space that utilize various elements of pure mathematics. Her primary goal is to generalize about the fundamental nature of cancer in mathematical terms.

You can find her in office 04.2.15.