7 August 2023

MATH will strengthen the practical teaching


The department has employed two teaching associate professors since August 2023. They will, among other things, focus on the coordination and development of the department’s practical teaching.

Practical teaching. Photo: Jacob Helbig.

The two teaching associate professors, Thomas Hjortgaard Danielsen and Søren Ladegaard Kristensen, both come with a background partly from the secondary school sector, where they have taught for a number of years and partly from the university world, where they have taught introductory mathematics courses as external lecturers at DTU and the University of Copenhagen.

The teaching associate professors will be involved in the work with the large first-year courses, where, in addition to teaching on one of the practice teams, they will coordinate the team of class teachers and student instructors. They will support the course managers in the practical organization of the courses, practice teaching and exams, etc.

Thomas and Søren will thus become consistent figures in the common part of the student's first year of study, and they will contribute to continuity and coherence in the practice teaching.

The teaching associate professors will also play a key role in the development of practical teaching and help and sparring for the department's many student instructors. They will also work with building bridges to upper secondary school, with dropout prevention efforts and with the transition from upper secondary school to university.

Søren and Thomas have been employed as external lecturers at MATH for a number of years and are thus already well-versed in most of the major first-year courses. We look forward to them now having their regular time at the department and to the extended collaboration on practice teaching, the large first-year courses, etc.

Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen, deputy head of education