6 June 2018

Inaugural lecture by Morten S. Risager


Professor of mathematics Morten S. Risager will give his inaugural lecture at Department of Mathematical Sciences Friday 15 June 2018 at 14:15, followed by a reception.

Morten S. Risager

The lecture takes place in HC Ørsted Instituttet’s Auditorium 2, while the reception (at 15:15) takes place in front of Auditorium 1.

Morten S. Risager will talk about “Distribution of modular symbols”:

“Modular symbols are important tools. They can be used to compute fundamental objects in number theory: modular forms, the homology of modular curves, ranks of elliptic curves, and special values of L-functions. I will explain my latest result on modular symbols proving a conjecture of Mazur and Rubin.”

“The talk will require no expert knowledge. In fact, most of the talk will be used explaining the words of the title. Parts of the talk should be understandable to a general non-mathematical audience, and the rest should be understandable to a very general mathematical audience.”

See also Morten’s homepage.