11 April 2016

DeLong lectures by UCPH mathematician


Associate Professor Magdalena Musat delivered the prestigious DeLong Lecture Series at University of Colorado, Boulder, 5-6 April 2016.

Magdalena MusatThe Annual DeLong Lecture Series at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is funded by an endowment given by Professor Ira M. DeLong "to bring outstanding mathematicians to campus each year". The DeLong Lecture Series started in 1962/63, and previous speakers include Sir Michael Atiyah, Alain Connes, Vaughan Jones, Nigel Higson and Persi Diaconis.

Magdalena Musat was invited to deliver this year’s 52nd DeLong lectures. Her lecture series (consisting of two lectures), titled "Operator Algebras, Quantum Information Theory and the Grothendieck Program", addressed recently emerged interconnections between operator algebras and quantum information theory, leading to reformulations of one of the most important open problems in operator algebras: the Connes embedding problem.

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