5 February 2016

Marie Curie grant to Sinan Yalin


MATH postdoc Sinan Yalin has received a Marie Curie Research Fellowship. The 166,829 € grant will be hosted at the Center for Symmetry and Deformation.

Professor Nathalie Wahl is the main host here at MATH, together with Professor Ryszard Nest.

The title of Sinan’s project is "Deformation theory of algebraic structures". The project uses methods from homotopical algebra, higher categories and derived algebraic geometry to study moduli spaces of realizations of algebraic structures. Proposed applications are in deformation quantization, string topology and high dimensional link invariants.

The EU financed “Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship” is named after the double Nobel Prize winning Polish-French scientist famed for her work on radioactivity. The program supports researchers working across all disciplines at all stages of their careers, making it possible for scientists to gain experience abroad, and to complete their training with competences or disciplines useful for their careers.

Sinan has studied at Strasbourg University and University of Lille and worked as a postdoc at Luxembourg University.

Sinan Yalin