4 March 2022

Conference about sustainable investments


Professor Mogens Steffensen from the Department of Mathematical Sciences is facilitating a conference (in Danish) on 9 March 2022 on sustainable investments, organized by UCPH SCIENCE and Implement.

Conference about sustainable investments

The conference, where the participants are from the financial sector, uncovers the dilemmas of sustainable investment based on science. The purpose is to examine how investments are translated into business models and projects - and ultimately, how valuation is affected.

The EU has set a number of goals for the green transition. Achieving these goals requires more than just redirecting investment to green causes. The total amount of investment must also increase.

In the coming years, massive capital flows are thus expected for green investments. Therefore, it is becoming more and more relevant that the sector understands and can navigate the inevitable dilemmas that can arise from sustainable investment. It is not possible to optimize on all parameters.

From the University of Copenhagen, there will be speakers from the Sustainability Science Center, the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, the Department of Food Science, the Department of Food and Resource Economics and the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate.

See the conference program.