2. september 2014

Héctor Bombín, postdoc


The Department has employed Héctor Bombín as postdoc from 1 September 2014. He will be associated with the research group Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics (GAMP).

Héctor BombínIn GAMP Héctor will join Professor Matthias Christandl’s group “Quantum Information Theory”. He will conduct research on topological quantum error-correcting codes and their connections with statistical mechanics and topological order in condensed matter physics.

Hector took a PhD in physics in 2008 from Universidad Complutense de Madrid ( Spain). His thesis was titled “Topological Order in Quantum Information and Computation”. His advisor was Professor M.A. Martin-Delgado.

Hector has been a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Physics (Condensed Matter), MIT, Cambridge, USA – and at the Quantum Information Group / Condensed Matter Group, Perimeter Institute For Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Canada.

Hector’s office is 04.0.05.