Daniel Hendrik Malz

Daniel Hendrik Malz

Assistant Professor

I am hiring!  For details, please see my webpage.

I am a theoretical physicist, and my work is directed at understanding and exploiting the new possibilities of quantum technology for applications.

A key motivation for my work is simulating many-body physics (materials, chemistry, …), and I am interested both in classical and quantum techniques to achieve that goal, using inspiration and tools from condensed matter and quantum information theory.

I also like to work with and propose experiments for specific platforms, most notably neutral atoms and superconducting circuits.

Current research

My research is motivated and inspired by the rapid development of experimental setups in which many-body quantum systems can be controlled to a high level of precision, allowing one to use them for quantum simulation, computation, or metrology. Ultimately, our goal is to find ways to leverage such quantum devices to learn about Nature, and in particular quantum many-body systems.

I have a more in-depth description of the main themes of my research on my webpage

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