Profiles of PhD students started 2009-11

Casper Guldberg (advisors: A. Berglund/ N. Wahl): The overall goal of my research is to study spaces of homotopy automorphisms. I have just started to look at this from the point of rational homotopy theory, and for a class of particularly nice spaces there is an explicit chain complex from which we in principle can compute the rational homotopy groups of the homotopy automorphisms. However, even in some very simple cases the computations become rather complicated.

Ditte Mølgård Heide-Jørgensen (advisor: T. K. Boomsma): My fields of interest are operations research and optimisation, especially optimisation problems within energy modelling. The first part of my PhD project is concerned with a model of the Danish electricity system which is evaluated within the hour. This way, the economic impact of the growing intra-hour imbalances between supply and demand due to the large share of fluctuating wind power can be estimated. Later on I intend to look into flexible demand problems and the statistical models behind the input (e.g. modelling of wind speed) to energy models.

Martin Jacobsen (advisor: J. Møller): I am working on subjects relating to fusion systems, particularly the question of whether the block fusion systems for a given finite group can be constructed as group fusion systems of certain subgroups. Currently I am looking at block fusion systems for the alternating groups.

Anders Chr. Jensen (advisor: S. Ditlevsen): I am currently working with parameter identifiability and estimation for partially observed stochastic processes. More specifically I am implementing an estimation procedure (in R) based on prediction based estimating functions, for a marginally observed two-dimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process.


Søren Knudby (advisor: U. Haagerup): My main interest is the study of von Neumann algebras and relations to group theory. In particular, I study approximation properties for groups and von Neumann algebras to see how they relate and complement each other. A classic example is that of amenability which for a group may be formulated as an approximation property and is reflected as hyperfiniteness of the group von Neumann algebra.

Sima Mashayekhi (advisors: J. Hugger/ R. Poulsen): My interest field is solving partial differential equations in finance. In particular, the main goal of my research is solving nonlinear PDE's in finance. At the moment, I am working on presentation and comparing of the different methods for solving nonlinear differential equations such as nonlinear option price problems.

Kristian Moi (advisor: I. Madsen): My research centres around algebraic K-theory. In particular, for a ring A with an (anti)-involution it makes sense to talk about hermitian (bilinear) forms on A-modules. With certain finiteness and non-degeneracy assumptions such modules can be studied using algebraic K-theory; this is called hermitian K-theory. Ordinary algebraic K-theory of a ring studies modules over the ring, and this turns out to be closely related to the topological Hochschild homology and topological cyclic homology of the ring. Now I am working to understand the relationship between the hermitian K-theory of a ring with involution and its topological hochschild homology and topological cyclic homology.


Seyed Nourollah Mousavi (advisor: H. Sørensen):   My interest field is Functional Data Analysis (FDA). In particular, the main goal of my research is Functional Linear Models. I'm working with two kinds of models: univariate/multivariate response but functional predictors and functional response but univariate/multivariate predictors. Also, I’m interested in Wavelets and Markov chains.

Nadim Rustom (advisor: I. Kiming): I'm working in algebraic number theory. My main research interest is the various connections that exist between modular forms and Galois representations, specifically problems connected to reduction modulo prime powers of these objects. I'm also interested in arithmetic geometry, particularly the theory of elliptic curves.

Flemming von Essen (advisor: M. Risager) : I work within the area of analytic number theory, more specifically I work with automorphic forms. At the moment I am studying the Fourier coefficients of Eisenstein series, and I am trying to find recursion formulas for them.