Open House for high school students 

During "Open House at SCIENCE" - the end of February/beginning of March - high school students can meet students and teachers from all the faculty's 21 undergraduate programs. Here you can find answers to questions about program content, study, enrollment and more.

From Open House 2015

Wednesday in week 9, the “Vandrehal” at the HC Ørsted Institute is packed with high school students from 13:00 to 18:00. All SCIENCE departments will have info-booths with materials and students – to help the high school students in making informed study choices. 

Meet a student...

All departments invite to lectures on their studies and offer talks with math students under a more peaceful environment in classrooms.

Auditorium 2

The MATH booth and room A107 is staffed by 16-17 dedicated students from the mathematical sciences. They show their textbooks and tell about the curriculum, teaching, levels, modules, choices, exams and more.

Open House at Frederiksberg Campus, 3 March 2018

Friday, same week, Open House moves to Frederiksberg Campus with the same talks and students from the three math study programmes.