Topics in Mathematics for the Traveling Student – Københavns Universitet

The course "Topics in Mathematics for the Traveling Student" will take place in blok 2, 2017/2018. We will offer two hours per week independently in Spanish, French, German.

The purpose of the course is to give a first experience of math lectures in a langage different from English or Danish. The students attending would then be better prepared for a possible exchange period abroad, within the Erasmus network for instance.

Students will have the choice to enroll for Spanish, French or German, which will be three parallel series of lectures within block 2 (if another langage is interesting for the students, please let the coordinator know).

The content of the course is general mathematics, and will be adapted to the level and interest of the audience. We intend to start by "Pigeonhole principle and applications", then possibly move on to other topics and study classical theorems in analysis and algebra given in the chosen foreign langage to illustrate some of the basic vocabulary. (For instance "Toute matrice symétrique réelle est diagonalisable." in French... can you guess?). The purpose is to see mathematics in action with the precise vocabulary of a different langage.

No exam, no pressure, the goal is to enjoy some serious mathematics in preparation for a stay abroad (but students won't get any credit for this bonus course). The courses are open to everyone. If the attendance is too high, we might need to prioritize students who actually prepare for a stay abroad.


Write an email to, indicating your preferred langage for the course. Please register before November 15.

Course responsible:

Spanish: Angelica Torres.
French: Laurent Bétermin.
German: Markus Hausmann.

Coordinator: Fabien Mehdi Pazuki