The course "Topics in Mathematics for the Traveling Student" will take place every Friday from 14:15 to 16:00 - or at another time, depending on calendar constraints - in block 2 during the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Three parallel series of lectures will be held independently, one for each language offered. Students will have the choice to enroll for Spanish, French or German (if a student is interested in another language, please let the coordinator know).

The purpose of the course is to give students their first experience attending math lectures in a language different from English or Danish. The students would then be better prepared for a possible exchange period abroad, within the Erasmus network for instance.

The content of the course is general mathematics and will be adapted to the level and interests of the audience. In past years we covered some fun applications of the Pigeonhole Principle, some Fractal Geometry, applications of Euler's formula, but also some matrix topology, a discussion about Fermat's Last Theorem or facts about statistics... it all depends on the audience's wishes! The purpose is to see mathematics in action using the precise vocabulary of a different language. We will also distribute some course notes in these different languages!

There is no exam and no pressure, the goal is to enjoy some serious mathematics in preparation for a stay abroad (but students won't get any credit for this bonus course). The course is open to everyone. If the attendance is too high, we might need to prioritize students who are actually preparing to go study abroad.

Note: There will be a possibility of obtaining ECTS for a dedicated project attached to the course. Please contact the coordinator for more details.


Send an email to, indicating your preferred language for the course. Please enroll preferably before November 20.

TOMATS course teachers 2023:

Spanish: Desirée Gijon Gomez.
French: Adrien Morin.
German: Jonathan Clavio.

Coordinator: Fabien Pazuki.