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  • 1. maj 2020, kl. 14.00-15.00

    ON-LINE: Number Theory Seminar w. Luigi Pagano

    Speaker: Luigi Pagano (KU)

    TitleOn the Motivic Zeta Function and the Monodromy conjecture for Hyperkähler varieties

    AbstractStarting with the work of Hasse and Weil, several geometric versions of the Riemann Zeta function have been constructed so far. All of them come with their version of the 'Riemann Hypothesis'; in fact it seems that most of the information that these invariants carry is grasped by the set of zeros and/or poles when considered as meromorphic functions. In this talk we shall focus on the Motivic Zeta function, defined by Denef and Loeser in a paper published in 1998, and we will discuss the Monodromy conjecture: an hypothetical relation between the poles of the Motivic zeta function attached to a degeneration of a Calabi-Yau variety and the eigenvalues of the monodromy operator acting on the cohomology of such degeneration.

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