General Information

Registration of loans and returns are not working after the introduction of a new library system per. 19 November 2019.

Temporary lending/delivery can be done via Librarian Ole Jørgensen (Tues + Thurs. - room 1.17). We are working on a new lending scheme for the Mathematical Library.

The text below does therefore not apply at this time.

The department allows loans only to employees at the Department and to researchers in the HCØ-building. On both the first and the second floor of the library room we have established pc-terminals for loans and return of library books.

Students and guests may use the books in the reading room and after use return books to the library trolley next to the entrance door.

The database of loans is connected online to The Royal Library and its bibliographical database. Users, therefore, have to be registered in the database in order to use the borrowing system. Most of the staff are registered with the necessary data.

Regarding loans from our MATH Library, you have to reuse the user id + password from The Royal Library. Many employees are already registered with an institutional user profile. They benefit from long loan periods (12 months) and even delivery to our address when ordering. For loans in the MATH Library, these institutional loaners shall use their six digits user id + password.

Especially newly employed (ex. PhD students, postdocs) are registered as private loaners with short loan periods and self pick up at University Library locations. Loans from MATH Library is also possible using cpr. no. + password from The Royal Library. All the same: We will recommend that all employees are registered with institutional user profiles. 

Please contact the librarian if you have questions concerning user ids, passwords or wish to be registered as an institutional library user.

Librarian Ole Jørgensen, Room 04.1.17 (Tuesdays + Thursdays).
Mobile: 9132 4523 - Email:

Revised loan procedure

  1. If the screen is blank: Press any key.
  2. For the English version: Click on the flag in upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click on LOAN.
  4. In the box User id: Type your user id from REX (six digits) or CPR. no. (ten digits without hyphen).
  5. In the box Barcode or PIN code: Type your PIN code.
  6. Click OK and the screen now shows your name.
  7. Scan the barcode from the book (either on the lower right hand corner of the back cover or on the front cover).
  8. The screen now shows the data of the book and return date. This return date is in 12 months, if you are properly set up in the system.
  9. Click on End of session (very important) when your loans are registered.

Note: At the moment it is not possible to print out a receipt.

Return procedure

  1. If the screen is in black mode: Press any key.
  2. For the English version: Click on the flag in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on RETURN.
  4. In the box Barcode: Scan the barcode on the book.
  5. The screen is then showing the data of the book.
  6. Click on End of session when your returns are completed.

Note: At the moment it is not possible to print out a receipt.

Can't find a book?

If you can't find a given material, start by searching in the database, where you can see if it's been lent out or reported as lost. If the book is lent out, ask the staff which loaner has borrowed it.

Suggestions for acquisitions

Please send suggestions for acquisitions for the collection to Morten Risager or the librarian.

Rules and Regulations

  • The library/reading room must be quiet. Show considerations.
  • Cell phones must be turned off or quieted. 
  • Please close all doors silently.
  • You are requested to keep good order on the tables and to make sure these books are returned to the library trolley. 

Access to the library

Students at the institute can access the library through the main entrance by showing the university id card. Guests can only enter the library during opening hours by contacting the library staff.