Research projects with business partners

Examples of current and recent cooperation with private and public companies.


InterAct stands for Interaction in Actuarial Science and forms the framework for research and education in the area of insurance and pensions in collaboration with eight of the countries insurance companies and pension funds. The vision for InterAct is to elevate the department’s research and education activities with and towards the industry by creating significant increases in volume, variation, and practical relevance to the benefit of all parties.

PFA, Danica, Velliv, Industriens Pension,
AP Pension, PensionDanmark and Tryg.
MATH contacts:
Mogens Steffensen 
Christian Furrer

Thesis collaboration

Connect with our students and arrange a thesis project with profit to both parties. Contact director of studies Fabien Pazuki (BA programmes in Mathematics, Actuarial Mathematics, Mathematics-Economics), Magdalena Musat (MA programmes in Mathematics), or David Skovmand (MA programmes in Actuarial Mathematics, Mathematics-Economics and Statistics).

Partners / Students:

DSB/Banedanmark / Linea Holm Foged
Lundbeck / Emilie Kryger
Lundbeck / Majken Hamann Sey
Lundbeck / Nanna Leonora Lausvig
Novo Nordisk / Gitte Lerche Aalborg

MATH contacts:
Bo Markussen
Helle Sørensen -


ACTULUS is a collaboration about developing mathematics and software for calculation in the pension business. These calculations are based on advanced insurance mathematics and technology in order to live up to tomorrow’s requirements to sophisticated models, precision and efficiency in both financial reports and internal risk management.

IT Universitetet 
Edlund A/S
MATH contacts:
Mogens Steffensen 
Jesper Lund Pedersen


HIPERFIT is an acronym for Functional High-Performance Computing for Financial IT. The center gathers research in different communities: mathematical finance, programming languages, high-performance systems, and application experts from the financial sector.

Datalogisk Institut/KU,
Danske Bank,
Nykredit m.fl.
MATH contacts:
Mogens Steffensen,
Trine Krogh Boomsma,
Jesper Lund Pedersen,
Rolf Poulsen

Center for Computerbaseret Matematikundervisning (CMU)

The centre explored [2013-2017] the relationship between advanced computer programs and mathematics learning in high school. Focus was on software used in many secondary schools, and in the introductory mathematics in higher education - as well as in business.

Fifty high schools,
DTU Compute,
Ministry of Education,
Confederation of Danish Industry (DI),
Department of Science Education/UCPH,
Greenlandic Ministry of Education
MATH contacts:

Niels Grønbæk

Metabolic processes (STATLAB)

In collaboration with clinical researchers, we have analyzed data to understand various metabolic processes better, for example the effect of physical training on insulin sensitivity and fat distribution, or how the selenium is absorbed and how metabolism functions in the liver, stomach, plasma and intestines.

Rigshospitalet &
Hvidovre Hospital 
MATH contacts:
Laboratory for Applied Statistics
v/  Susanne Ditlevsen

Future Electricity Markets (5s)

The aim of 5s is to develop a scientific framework for the design of future electricity markets in response to the increasing deployment of renewable energy. To account for the intermittency of renewable generation and the accompanying need for flexibility in conventional generation, the project relies on optimization under uncertainty and quantifies the impacts on social welfare, operating strategies and investment incentives.

DTU Compute & DTU Elektro 
MATH contacts:
Trine Krogh Boomsma