Meeting for PhD-students and postdocs at MATH

The agenda for the meeting is divided in two:

Part 1: The well-being of PhD-students and postdocs

1)      Well-being and career planning: who to talk to?

  • Do you talk about this at your performance and development review (PDR/MUS)?
  • With who would you like to discuss your workplace challenges?
  • With who do you talk about how to handle the pressure as a PhD-student or postdoc?
  • Where to go for advice?
  • Where to go for social activities?
  • Links to relevant material on career clarification and planning, PDR, challenges etc. can be found in the attached (recently finished) collection of links.

2)      Future changes to the PhD education.

3)      What can the department do for the group of PhD-students and postdocs?

4)      What can the group of PhD-students and postdocs possibly do for themselves? Initiatives?

Part 2: Other points for discussion and information

  1. Teaching: Distribution of teaching duties and the teaching mentor scheme for PhD-students and postdocs.
  2. Holiday: Rights and obligations.
  3. The Danish salary system. See the welcome letters sent to new employees.
  4. The Danish unemployment system (“A-kasserne"): See also the welcome letters.
    Best regards
    Bo Markussen, deputy academic union representative at MATH
    Thomas Vils Pedersen, academic union representative at MATH
    (also on behalf of Boris Kjær)