Workshop on Boundary Problems and Spectral Theory

University of Copenhagen

August 6-8, 2014

All lectures will be in Aud. 4

Invited Participants:

Helmut Abels, Univ. Regensburg
Herbert Amann,  Univ. Zürich
Jussi Behrndt, Univ. Graz
Louis Boutet de Monvel, Paris Jussieu
Anne Boutet de Monvel, Paris Diderot
Malcolm Brown, Univ. Cardiff
Søren Fournais, Århus Univ.
Heiko Gimperlein, Heriot-Watt Univ.
Bernard Helffer, Paris Sud
Ari Laptev, Mittag-Leffler and Imperial College
Michael Loss, Georgia Tech
Mark Malamud, Donetsk State Univ.
Rafe Mazzeo, Stanford
Grigori Rozenblioum, Chalmers
Robert Seeley, Boston Univ.
Johannes Sjostrand, Univ. Bourgogne
Vsevolod Solonnikov, Steklov Institute St. Petersburg
Ian Wood, Kent Univ

Conference Dinner: There will be a dinner Thursday August 7. where we will celebrate the 75th birthday of Prof. Gerd Grubb.

Registration: Everybody is welcome to participate in the workshop. If you are interested in particpating in the lunches or the dinner please send an email to Jan Philip Solovej no later than June 25th (this is not necessary for the invited participants). 

Link to Program, list of talks, abstracts and dates for invited participants

Organized by Jon Johnsen (Ålborg), Michael Pedersen (DTU), Jan Philip Solovej