Automorphisms and Invariants of Operator Algebras

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18-21 October 2021

This conference is a key component of a Danish research network "Automorphisms and Invariants of Operator Algebras“ supported by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. (Originally planned for 2020).

We cordially invite everybody with an interest in the focal area to participate. There will be no conference fee, but we are regrettably only able to offer financial support for speakers and network members.

The conference will take place as a hybrid event for which we hope to see as many speakers and other colleagues in Copenhagen as possible, but where all talks are also streamed for participants worldwide. Registration is only necessary for participants who "have feet on the ground" in Copenhagen, as all talks will be made available online through this website.






Main speakers:

  • Siegfried Echterhoff *
  • Nigel Higson *
  • Masaki Izumi *
  • Ralf Meyer
  • Nicolas Monod *
  • Sergiy Neshveyev *
  • Ian Putnam *
  • Baruch Solel *
  • Andreas Thom *
  • Stefaan Vaes
  • Stuart White  
  • Dilian Yang *

(*: Talk will be online)

Junior speakers:

  • Konrad Aguilar
  • Becky Armstrong
  • Johannes Christensen
  • Kristin Courtney
  • Alon Dogon
  • Marzieh Forough
  • Eusebio Gardella
  • Sophie Mikkelsen
  • Sergio Giron Pacheco
  • Guy Salomon















The scientific program begins Monday morning and runs until Thursday early afternoon. Thus we suggest that participants arrive on Sunday evening.


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Main speakers' book of abstracts

Junior speakers' book of abstracts









































Deadline for registration was 8 September 2021.