Alexander Friedrich

Alexander Friedrich


Medlem af:

    I am a postdoc in the group of professor Niels Martin Møller.
    I finished my masters in mathematical physics at the University of Hamburg in 2015 and I did my PhD in mathematics in 2019  at the University of Potsdam under the supervision of professor Jan Metzger. The title of my dissertation is "Minimizers of Generalized Willmore Energies and Applications to General Relativity".

    Aktuel forskning

    I am interested in PDEs arising from geometric problems, variational calculus and mathematical physics.
    Currently, I work on the Hawking energy from general relativity and bending energies for membranes from the point of view of generalized Willmore functionals. Related to that I plan to investigate elastic curves and networks. Together with Felix Lubbe, I am part of a project on the mean curvature flow lead by Niels Martin Møller.

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