Henrik Laurberg Pedersen

Henrik Laurberg Pedersen

Sektionsleder, professor

Henrik Laurberg Pedersen is professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of
Copenhagen. He obtained his Ph.D. in mathematics from
McGill University, Canada in 1996. He was post doc and assistant
professor at the Mathematics Department, University of Copenhagen
1996-2002. He held a scholarship from the Carlsberg Foundation in
connection with a research project about complex methods in
approximation theory and got affiliated with the Royal Veterinary and
Agricultural University in 2002. Before the formation of the Faculty of Science in 2012 he was employed in the Department of Basic Sciences and Environment at the Faculty of Life Science.

Henrik Pedersens research interests in pure mathematics lie within
mathematical analysis with special focus on methods from complex
analysis. He has also been involved in mathematical modelling primarily of relevance to soil and environmental chemistry.

Henrik Pedersen has published more than 30 research papers in
international journals and he has given a number of invited talks at
international conferences and institutions.

Home page where CV and the list of publications can be found: www.math.ku.dk/~henrikp/

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