Ring C∗ -algebras

Specialeforsvar: Anna Zielinski Holm Jordal

Titel:  Ring C∗-algebras

Abstract:  In this dissertation, we will examine the C∗ -algebras associated to arbitrary unital rings. This includes unfolding the notion of full- and reduced ring C∗ -algebras (in the spirit of group C∗ -algebras). We will investigate the inner structure of these ring C∗ -algebras, first in the general case, and later, in the special situation of commutative rings. In the last mentioned case, that is, when our ring is commutative, we will show how one can construct a faithful conditional expectation, which can be used to detect purely infinite and simple ring C∗-algebras

Vejleder: Søren Eilers
Censor: Toke Meier Carlsen, Færøernes Universitet