Optimization of patrolling in Copenhagen

Specialeforsvar: Astrid Xin Yi Frandsen

Titel: Optimization of patrolling in Copenhagen

Abstract:  In this thesis the districting problem of Copenhagen Police was examined with the objective of minimizing the number of zones depending on the uncertainty of response time. Response time is converted to the distance between the police and location of a citizen inquiry where conditional value-at-risk is bounded from above. The districting model was specifically evaluated based on the choice of closest assignment constraints (CAC) that is most useful in the deployment of a central planner. Three CACs, CGLM, WF, and DK, were compared on two criteria: time to find solution and the solution lower bounds. Based on
historical data from the district of Copenhagen Police, it was found that CGLM was significantly slower than DK, between 3 and 9 times while DK and WF were roughly equivalent. All three models produced comparable bounds. It was concluded that a central planner for the Copenhagen Police should use either WF or DK to solve the districting problem.

Vejleder: Giovanni Pantuso
Censor: Line Reinhardt, RUC