What is... a Bratteli diagram?

Petter Nyland will explain what a Bratteli diagram is.

Abstract: The topic of this talk is Bratteli diagrams, which were introduced by the Norwegian mathematician Ola Bratteli in the early 70's. A Bratteli diagram is a combinatorial object, akin to an infinite tree-like graph. On their own, Bratteli diagrams are quite simple objects. However, they have turned out to provide very powerful "models" for several different mathematical structures such as AF-algebras, within the field of Operator Algebras, and Cantor minimal systems, within the field of Dynamical Systems. I will attempt to give a leisurely overview in this talk.

"What is...?" is an accessible and non-technical seminar where speakers explain in one (short) lecture some object or theorem that they think is interesting. There will be drinks and snacks during the talk. See the seminar website for more information.