A Study of Relative Survival for Victims of an Industrial Injury in the Maritim

Specialeforsvar ved René Jeanty Jensen

Titel:A Study of Relative Survival for Victims of an Industrial Injury in the Maritim


Abstract: Do Danish males working in the maritime sector and who have reported an industrial injury have a higher mortality than the general Danish population? This is the fundamental question we want to answer. The answer takes us on a journey starting with the data collection and ending with the statistical analysis. On our way we study we study two fully non-parametric estimators: the PP-estimator (named after M. Pohar Perme) and the Ederer I estimator. We also study a regression model where the regression coefficients are allowed to depend on time. All three methods fall under the category of relative survival which seems to have a long history in cancer research. So, do they have a higher mortality? Well, that depends...



Vejledere: Anders Tolver,
                   Frank Eriksson, Biostatistik  

censor:     Sören Möller, SDU