Unbounded KK-teory for real C*-algebras – University of Copenhagen

Unbounded KK-teory for real C*-algebras

Specialeforsvar ved Jacob Emil Friis Frølich

Titel: Unbounded KK-theory for real C*-algebras 

Abstract: In this thesis we construct the unbounded Kasparov product in the real setting, based on the work in the complex setting of Mesland and Rennie. We recreate the results therein, and where the real and complex settings diverge, we prove analogous results in the real setting. Thereby we create the framework needed for the general lifting construction of the unbounded Kasparov product in (Section 4)(Mesland and Rennie). To develop a feel for the theory of real C*-algebras, we give the classification of real graded continuous trace from Moutou. We also give an introduction to KK-theoretic duality, introducing the notion of non-commutative Poincare duality and propose classes implementing Poincare duality for the non-commutative 2-torus in the real setting 


Vejleder:  Ryszard Nest
Censor:    Wojciech l Szymanski, SDU