Monitoring a developing pandemic with available data

Seminar in Insurance and Economics

SPEAKER: Jens Perch Nielsen (Bayes Business School).

TITLE: Monitoring a developing pandemic with available data.

ABSTRACTWhen a pandemic is developing then data collection is chaotic and the most important data one week might come from a completely different place the next week. Therefore, it is important that both input and output are easy to understand. This paper provides a dynamic approach to monitoring the most important transitions in a pandemic. The data used are reflecting the type of data almost every news reading person learned to know during the Covid-19 pandemic. The simplicity of the data is a challenge and new missing data methodology has to be developed. The methodology is illustrated via the case of Covid-19 developing in France.

Co-authors: Maria Luz Gamiz Perez, Enno Mammen, Maria Dolores Martinez Miranda.

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