Quantum Groups Seminar

The seminar topics will cover the theory of quantum groups and related structures in a large sense: Hopf algebras, operator algebras, q-deformations, higher categories and related branches of noncommutative mathematics.

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Speaker: Melody Molander (UC Santa Barbara)

Title: Skein Theory for Affine ADE Subfactor Planar Algebras.

AbstractSubfactor planar algebras first were constructed by Vaughan Jones as a diagrammatic axiomatization of the standard invariant of a subfactor. These planar algebras also encode two other invariants of the subfactors: the index and the principal graph. The Kuperberg Program asks to find all diagrammatic presentations of subfactor planar algebras. This program has been completed for index less than 4. In this talk, I will introduce subfactor planar algebras and give some presentations of subfactor planar algebras of index 4 which have affine ADE Dynkin diagrams as their principal graphs.