Number Theory Seminar

Speaker: Xavier Guitart  (Barcelona)

Title: Endomorphism algebras of geometrically split abelian surfaces over Q

Abstract: An abelian surface defined over the rationals is said to be geometrically split if its base change to the complex numbers is isogenous to a product of elliptic curves. The aim of the talk is to explain the computation of all possible endomorphism algebras of geometrically split abelian surfaces defined over Q. A key step is determining the set of imaginary quadratic fields M for which there exists an abelian surface defined over Q which is geometrically isogenous to the square of an elliptic curve with CM by M. This is joint work with Francesc Fité.

The talk will take place on Zoom. If you would like to receive the Zoom link and are not part of our current NT Seminar mailing list, please contact the organizer.