Number Theory Seminar

Speaker: Paul Nelson (Aarhus)

Title: The orbit method, microlocal analysis and applications to L-functions

Abstract: L-functions are generalizations of the Riemann zeta function.  Their analytic properties control the asymptotic behavior of prime numbers in various refined senses. Conjecturally, every L-function is a "standard L-function" arising from an automorphic form. A problem of recurring interest, with widespread applications, has been to establish nontrivial bounds for L-functions. I will survey some recent results addressing this problem. The proofs involve the analysis of integrals of automorphic forms, approached through the lens of representation theory. I will emphasize the role played by the orbit method, developed in a quantitative form along the lines of microlocal analysis. The results/methods to be surveyed are the subject of the following papers/preprints: