GAMP seminar by Martin Li (CUHK) – University of Copenhagen

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GAMP seminar by Martin Li (CUHK)

GAMP (Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics) Seminar.

Speaker: Martin Li (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Title: Desingularizing minimal surfaces.

Abstract: Gluing constructions have proven to be powerful tools to construct solutions to various geometric problems. Pioneered by the work of Schoen on metrics with constant scalar curvature, Kapouleas made use of the methodology to construct new examples of minimal surfaces via doubling or desingularization constructions. In this talk, we will survey on some of the known examples which can be regarded as a desingularization construction. Then, we will discuss how these ideas can be applied to study free boundary minimal surfaces in the unit ball. This is joint work with N. Kapouleas. These work are partially supported by RGC grants from the Hong Kong Government.